Debit Card

Verified By Visa

Verified By Visa

Your C1st Visa Debit Card is now protected by Verified by Visa – it password protects your card for free.

Verified by Visa Sample Picture

The next time you shop at participating online stores, enter the information requested (pictured) to activate your card in order to complete the transaction or click on the link below to enroll.  Your card will then have password protection whenever you shop online at participating stores. 

Create a unique password to confirm your identity for added safety while you shop online using your C1st Visa Debit Card.

Enroll today to activate your C1st Visa Debit Card with Verified by Visa!


Instant Issue Debit Cards

Lost your debit card? No problem. At C1st, you can replace a lost card or open an account and receive your activated Visa® Debit Card immediately. No more waiting! 

  • Receive your Debit Card in the branch - NO WAITING!
  • Works at over 24 million locations worldwide
  • Your initial card is FREE - no fees or monthly charges
  • No more checks to buy
  • Works as your ATM card

Visa® myPic Studio,  Edge-to-Edge Design

C1st MyPic Edge to Edge Debit Card

Personalize your debit card for free with our Edge-to-Edge C1st Debit Card.  To get started you must have an existing Community 1st Credit Union debit card.  The Edge-to-Edge C1st Debit Card is not available as an Instant Issue Debit Card.

Your Community 1st debit card must start with this series of numbers - 4459 9011


Begin creating your own Edge-to-Edge C1st Debit Card

Please allow 10-14 days to receive your Edge-to-Edge C1st Debit Card.  

No Surcharge Fees!

Priviledged StatusC1st is a Privileged Status financial institution, which means you can use your C1st Visa® Debit/ATM card at other participating Privileged Status ATMs without paying surcharge fees.

Find Local ATMs

Report a Lost/Stolen C1st VISA Debit Card:

During C1st regular business hours, call 866.360.5370

After C1st business hours, call 800.383.8000