Online Banking

Do you need to check your account balance on a weekend, a holiday or late at night? How about doing a transfer before you go to bed at 3 a.m.? Or applying for a loan on a Sunday afternoon? You can do all of this and more, from the comfort of your living room with Online Banking.

  • Check the history of your accounts and download it into your PC
  • Get information on your account balance, dividends earned and interest paid
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Apply for a loan online
  • Fewer trips to the credit union saves time
  • Access your account when you want: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Online Banking Servicing Schedule:  As part of daily maintenance and accounting cycles, Online Banking is not available for posting between the hours of 11:30 P.M. CST and 12:00 midnight. This service is also not available from 9:00 P.M. through 12:00 midnight on the last day of each month, to support month end processing and updates.